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Earthwise Deluxe Collapsible Reusable Box Bags Make Shopping Easier

These innovative box bags make grocery shopping easier than ever. They feature a high quality construction with 4 hard sides and a foldable hard bottom insert that is attached on every bag. They sit flat and open, making loading and unloading groceries a breeze. Not only do they feature long straps for carrying over your shoulder, but also have side handles to load and unload heavy items with two hands. The long handles are sewn from the bottom of the box bag as well as secured by a metal rivet and each short set of handes on the sides are sewn and secured by a metal rivet. Total of 8 rivets on the entire box bag. When not in use, they fold up completely flat for easy storage in your car or a kicthen drawer.

Earthwise Reusable Box Bags Fit Perfectly Into Shopping Carts and Are So Convenient

Compact heavy duty

These bags fit perfectly into shopping carts making check out a breeze. Just place your Deluxe Reusable Box Bags into your cart, load them up with all your groceries while shopping. When you are done shopping, simply place your reusable box bags on the conveyer and the cashier can easily remove items to scan and put them straight back into your reusable box bags to load into your car. What could be easier? Earthwise reusable box bags are the ultimate in convenience.

Reusable Box Bags Have a Variety of Uses

Multi-Use: These bags are not just great for grocery shopping. There are a multitude of uses, your imagination being the limit.

Use them to carry books Use them to store and use hobby and crafting supplies Use them to store and use cleaning supplies Ideal for carrying laundry Great to use and store gardening tools Fantastic to use as a trunk organizer as well

Folds Flat stowaway

Box Bag has an attached flap on the bottom that folds flat when the bag is collapsed, folds down when open to give the bag extra durability, increased weight capacity and a hard-structured bottom.

easy to carry, side handles

Our box bags have an extra set of short side handles making it easy to lift heavier loads in and out of your car/trunk. They have a hard bottom, stay in place in your car so nothing slides around.

Convenient Shoulder long straps

Long straps make over the shoulder carrying easy and convenient, allowing you to carry more than one set of bags.

LARGE CAPACITY: Bag Size: 10”H x 14.5”W x 10”D. Volume is 4 US Gallons
DURABLE: Made of heavy duty, 80 gram Non-Woven Polypropylene and recycled cardboard walls giving these bags a rigid structure when opened. Shoppers and checkers alike love these bags because they stay open and upright when loading.
CONVENIENT: Folds up flat for easy storage with foldable reinforced bottom for extra durability. Rigid bottom keeps the bags flat and sturdy in your trunk so nothing will slide around in your car. Stays open and upright for easy loading.
MULTI-USE: Ideal for groceries, general shopping, going to the beach, picnics, boating, concert events, laundry, storage and more.
EASY TO CARRY: Our box bags have short side handles in addition to the shoulder straps making it easier to carry a heavy load.


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