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FurReal Friends Pom Pom My Baby Panda Plush Pet

FurReal Friends Pom Pom, My Baby Panda
FurReal Friends plush pets are all about rich, life-like pet experiences! Their exciting, engaging, and interactive play help to encourage caregiving, forge lifelong friendships, and create unforgettable memories! Take care of Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, like a real baby panda! Pet her, talk to her, shake her rattle or give Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, her bottle. She’ll respond by walking, crawling, talking, and making feeding sounds!

Walks when Petted or Coaxed with Rattle
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Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, Walks When You Pet Her or Shake Her Rattle
Pom Pom, My Baby Panda responds to the fun rattling sounds of her toy rattle and will walk when you shake it in front of her! Pom Pom will walk and crawl when you pet her back too! You can pose this adorable baby panda pet’s head and legs so she’ll move in different ways. Try sitting her on her bum to see how especially cute Pom Pom, My Baby Panda pet is when wobbling back and forth!

Drinks, Coos, and Kicks
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Pom Pom Coos, Kicks, and Makes Drinking Sounds When Given her Bottle
Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, has her very own bottle, as if she were a real baby. When you give Pom Pom her bottle, she makes adorable feeding sounds! This sweet baby panda will coo when you give her the bottle, in any position. Cradle Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, in your arms like a real baby while you feed her and she’ll even move and kick her legs while she coos and makes sweet feeding sounds!

You Speak, She Talks Back in Wide Variety of Sweet Baby Panda Sounds
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Talk to Pom Pom and She Talks Back in Sweet Baby Panda Language
When you talk to FurReal Friends Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, she’ll move and respond to you, talking back in her sweet baby panda language. Pom Pom even talks back and forth with her FurReal Friends pal, Get Up & GoGo, My Walkin’ Pup (sold separately)! With her many different sounds and movements, and the ways you can play with Pom Pom, My Baby Panda, you may soon forget that she’s a FurReal Friends pet and think of her as your very own baby panda!

Pom Pom, My Baby Panda pet, bottle, and rattle.

1. Walks when you shake her rattle or pet her back 2. Coos, kicks her legs, and makes drinking sounds when given her bottle 3. Speaks in a variety of sweet baby panda sounds 4. Responds to you and talks back when you talk to her 5. Head and legs are poseable

Corporate Social Responsibility
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High quality toys for children all ages
Made using safe materials
Tested for quality and durability
Pom Pom My Baby Panda pet moves and sounds like a baby panda
Panda pet responds when you talk to her with more than 45 responses
Feed her with her bottle
Shake her rattle and she walks to you
Pet responds to your Get Up & GoGo My Walkin’ Pup pet (sold separately)


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