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healthy and fun

My First Flybar

Introduce your children to the joy of jumping toys for kids and let them have some active time outside or inside with the My First Flybar – foam pogo stick.

Designed specifically for little ones, this ​toddler pogo stick​ is a great place to start with the joys of pogo and let your kids have hours of fun.

Get ready to ​boing boing​ your kids to a healthier future with our ​flybar pogo stick ​made of heavy duty foam.

It’s time to boing, boing and squeak and introduce your kids to a new fun hopping activity.

Active Play

Superior Flybar quality & durability

Built to last with heavy duty components and perfectly engineered to withstand the expected wear and tear, My First Flybar is the super quality kids jumping toy your kiddos can rely on. Enjoy variety of features:

– built in squeaker which makes jumping more fun

– soft and comfortable grips

– durable foam which holds up to 250 lbs

– the jumping doesn’t scratch floors making the jumper great indoor & outdoor option

– adjustable bungee cord

Kids love them!

Designed for kids age 3+, My First Flybar is a fun and beneficial gift which offers variety of advantages for kids using them:

– helps kids stay healthy and active

– improves balance

– fun healthy alternative to tablet/phone/computer/tv screen time

– enhances motor skills

Fun Colors

Cool Characters

LED Lights & Jump Counter

Soft, comfortable foam handles so your little ones can play all day long
Strong stretchy bungee “spring” suitable for most heights
Strong, durable foam base with built in “squeak” speakers
Five Available Pogo Pals Heads, Great for toddler girls or toddler boys
It’s not just one of the great toys for toddlers, it can also hold up to 250 lbs. so the whole family can hop!


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